Keith Control Valve Handle Stop Assy SAE


Keith Control Valve Handle Assembly


Keith Control Valve Handle Stop Assy SAE

Keith 11310301

The control valve controls the direction of material movement, loading or unloading.  The handle on the control valve (2552701)

The hydraulic oil is directed through the valve when you move the valve handle in or out.  When you pull the handle out, the Keith Walking Floor® system unloads.  The oil is flowing through the outside hydraulic lines and blocked from flowing through the inside lines.  When you push the handle in, the floor unloads.  Oil flows through the inside lines and is blocked from flowing through the outside lines.  (Keith KRFII Owner’s Manual)

The Keith Control Valve Handle is sold separately from the Control Valve Load/Unload Assembly.

Pull to unload

Push to load

Operation of your KEITH® Running Floor II® Unloader


  1.  Before beginning to unload, make sure your trailer doors are open.
  2. Next, to unload with your KEITH® system, pull the control handle all the way out.
  3. Then, make sure that you have the ball valve, located between the pressure and return lines, is in the closed (run) position.  This ball valve is used for the emergency shut-off.
  4. Engage the P.T.O., then bring the tractor engine up to the predetermined unloading RPM.  The trailer should be operating now.
  5. To stop the floor at any time during the loading or unloading process, switch the ball valve open (STOP) position.

(see Keith KRFII Owners Manual)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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