Since 1990, Ferguson Farms has been specializing in Live Floor and Belt Trailers for Agriculture Products - Feed / Seed / Fertilizer


2008 Walking Floor Trailer For Sale
Newly listed 2008 Walking Floor Trailer – IMCO is in great shape, check out the details: 2008 IMCO Walking Floor Very Clean Unit 48′ x 102″ x 13’6″ 125 yd Capacity Keith KRFII / 3/16″ Deck 10’2″ Spread with Front Lift Shurlok Tarp 295/75R22.5 Tires 50% Front Brakes 50% Rear Brakes 30% $45,000 FOB Leesburg,

High Capacity Trailer

This high capacity trailer is called a drop deck Keith® Walking Floor® trailer.  It has the raised deck in the front as well as flat top braces which allow for a 165 yard load.  The trailer has a single drive with a Z-Shoe installed that allows the slats on the raised deck and lower deck
2010 Wilson Commodity Hopper 43′ x 102″ x 72″ White Panels / Front SS Corners / Rear Large Commodity Doors Air Ride / Fixed Aluminum Wheels 295/75R22.5 80% Brakes 80% Shurlok Tarp $25,000 Call 1-800-326-4919 for more information
2016 ITI Walking Floor

2016 ITI Walking Floor Trailer

DESCRIPTION 2016 ITI Walking Floor Trailer 45′ x 102″ x 12’6″   6″ Arched Top 13′ overall height Mill Finish Front / Side Panels / Doors Black Frame Air Ride / Slider Keith KRFII / 7/32″ Deck   LED Lights New Goodyear 295/75R22.5 Tires New Brake Shoes / Drums New Black 22oz Tarp Canvas $52,000
Ferguson Farms, Inc. duck
How to safely unload a Keith (R) Running Floor II (R) Trailer:   Park the truck and trailer by setting the parking brake Open and secure the trailer doors so that they are fully open Pull the ball valve handle out to close the valve Hook up the hydraulic hoses to the truck Engage the

Installation of a Live Floor

To prep for a Live Floor installation into an empty trailer, there are many components that must come together to make it all work.  In the video, you can see a quick overview of all the steps completed by our great team of mechanics and technicians. Install the pipes and front hydraulic hoses.  Connect the

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